DaCott Difference

What Makes DaCott Different: DaCott to the Core

In an industry inundated with advisors fixed on the bottom line, DaCott finds distinction in ethical business practices, adherence to high expectations, and devotion to standing apart from competitors in service and results. This ambitious task keeps us both challenged and inspired, and our industry experience enables us to be well equipped to achieve this goal. In fact, our dedication to providing the best service in the industry has awarded DaCott with the highest in client retainment and satisfaction. Put simply, we can offer a breadth and quality of service that no other consultants are able to match. Let's look at some of the reasons why.

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Continued Support

Unlike other consultants, we provide year round support, detailed reports and independent advice allowing clients to make the best decisions for their specific organization. Our continued support and availability enables DaCott consultants to deliver exemplary, tailored guidance to each and every client.

Depth of Experience

We work with organizations from many sectors, and are able to understand their unique concerns and objectives. In addition, we only hire the very best and are fervent in pairing our clients with well-suited consultants that possess sector-specific experience. Ambitious and forward thinking, our consultants are eager to not only see what the ever-changing energy industry holds in the future, but also be part of it.

Our Achievements

Transparent in our results, our commitment to providing nothing short of the best consulting to our clients is evident. See our many case studies to gain insight into how we have helped our clients over the years and why DaCott continues to be the most trusted in energy consulting and energy management.

Attention to Detail

With a keen eye and a sincere appreciation for validity, we're not satisfied unless every bill has been thoroughly checked for any potential errors. We might spend more time on this than others, but this extra investment is worth it; the client relationship holds priority over the nickel and diming that is so common in our competitors' practices. Financially protecting our clients is our business, and from consulting to billing, this is practiced throughout every stage of the relationship.

Friendly & Helpful Staff

DaCott is recognized for superior service and dedication. In a survey of our clients, our service was the number one reason clients continue to work with us. Building long-term relationships and becoming an extension of your team is core to our service offering, and it is something that we are proud to hold in high regard.

We talk with you, not at you.

We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than being bamboozled with jargon. Aiming to provide the most clear and simple solution for each and every client, we meticulously work to keep all parties informed and educated in the most straightforward of ways. That's why in communicating with clients we take out the jargon and correspond in plain English.